Our Process

Preliminary process

Call us to discuss your project goals over the phone, or schedule a meeting on site to discuss them. We will help you determine the scope of your design and construction needs. We will discuss the processes involved and present you with an estimate.

Design process

If you need architectural and design services, we collaborate with a talented local architecture firm to bring your project from vision to reality. Each project is unique but the basic elements included in the design process are:

  • Feasibility study
  • As built measure of your existing home 
  • Schematic Design/3D 
  • Budgeting 
  • Design development 
  • Engineering coordination 
  • Specifications 
  • Permitting 
  • Construction Drawings 
  • Interior design

If you are already working with an architect and have a design, we would love to build it for you. We are a licensed general contractor and enjoy collaborating with architects and designers. We will start by building a budget and a schedule informed by years of experience in this unique market. When our expectations are aligned, we will enter into construction. Our approach to building you project is communicative, efficient, organized, clean and safe.

We are a boutique firm, and Warren Woodward, the owner of the company, will be actively managing you project. You will love our online, interactive project management platform, where you can easily view the details of your selections and plan updates, schedules, job logs and other fun and important elements of your project. We will also have regularly scheduled meetings on site, typically every two weeks so that we can review everything in person.

6 Key Elements

The 6 Key Elements of service and quality are identified and integrated into the building and business systems of our organization. We have geared our approach to focus on success in these elements:

  • Pre construction meeting to ensure all expectations are in alignment.
  • Regular client/team meetings at the project site.
  • Online, interactive project management platform shared with builder and client.
  • Direct communication with owner always available and encouraged.
  • Line itemed budget and description for every phase of the project.
  • Clear and descriptive billing.
  • Open book access to bids.
  • Access to quality control documents and inspection reports.
Quality control
  • Material inspection checklist completed before use. Signed, filed and accessible.
  • Workmanship inspection checklist completed for each phase. Signed, filed and accessible.
  • System designed to minimize mistakes or oversights and achieve highest quality standards.
Management of time and money
  • Thorough line item budgeting for scope analysis.
  • Taylor scope and specifications to your budget. 
  • Value engineering to get the best value for the customer. 
  • Systematic scheduling process. 
  • Open client access to project schedule.
  • Contractor/architect/client collaboration on design
  • Contractor/architect/client collaboration on approval of specifications (function, finish, size, color, material, etc.) 
  • Contractor/architect/client collaboration on approval of shop drawings (cabinets, windows, doors, metal fabrication, etc.)
Respect for your home
  • Protect finished areas.
  • Install dust barriers and ventilation. 
  • Establish work schedule and access with client 
  • Tidy and safe work zones.