Design / Architecture

When it comes to the architecture and design, the major key to success is working with a professional who has deep industry knowledge and experience in all facets of the craft. The skill set and sensibility required is vast. A great architect will be a key player in leading a project from an idea to a reality. An architect can help you in navigating feasibility, land use, permitting, structural collaboration, aesthetic design, space optimization and specifications. Work with us and our talented and experienced architecture firm associate and we will help you capture and refine your vision.

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Optimize Space

Are looking to add an additional room into your existing footprint, create an open-concept floorplan and change the flow? You might be surprised what we can do with your existing space. Work with us and our amazing architecture firm associate to truly optimize the space you already have. We will collaborate with you on the design then renovate the existing space inside of your four walls to bring you the flow, function and finishes that you are looking for.

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Beautiful Finishes

The selection and installation of finish material is so very important to a truly great house that expresses your personality and functions at the highest level. Work with us and our amazing architecture firm associate to analyze and select finishes that are beautiful, complement each other, hold up to your lifestyle and work with your budget. Millwork, tile and grout, counter tops, floor coverings, light fixtures, plumbing fixtures and paint are just some of the elements that we have years of experience in selecting and building into fine homes.


The material choices that are made in a remodel or custom home project are a big part of the overall aesthetic, quality, function and price of your new space. Each element has to be analyzed from all of these perspectives to ensure a successful project. We take time to conduct a collaborative approval process when it comes to the important items and their variables. Some examples are roofing, siding, windows, doors, cabinetry and architectural metal work.


A key responsibility of a good architect is the analysis of the feasibility of a proposed project. As anyone who has entered into this process knows, there are a plethora of boxes to be checked. The analysis is very project specific. The challenges may involve height restrictions, lot coverage limitations, critical area proximity, land use variances or any number of other considerations. Having a professional on your side that specializes in navigating these waters and has a wealth of experience is critical. Work with us and our seasoned architecture firm associate to get your project going and keep it on track through this important phase.


When it comes to the permitting process, the key to efficiency and success is having a seasoned professional on your side. Building code and land use knowledge, precise preparation and familiarity with the process and the players only come through experience. Permitting is a vital part of any successful project. Work with us and our seasoned architecture firm associate to efficiently move your project through the permitting phase and into construction.